Our rating process

Inspire conscious change

Discover the why and how of a big-picture restaurant rating platform.

We’re working to build a healthier restaurant industry that’s good for both people and planet.

To do this, we’ve redefined what makes restaurants great. Going beyond just food, we use five values—Cuisine, Experience, Story, Sustainability, and Diversity—to rate eateries in a more comprehensive, forward-looking way.

Table Sage's conscious dining values (cuisine)- healthy, local vegetarian food pictured at Cafe de Ceuvel, sustainable restaurant
Table Sage's conscious dining values (experience)- great ambience shown at Oleg Pelmeni sustainable restaurant with beautiful table setting
Table Sage's conscious dining values (story)- oldest vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam, Golden Temple, serves Indian food in cozy cafe
Table Sage's conscious dining values (sustainability)- sustainable Dutch salad bar, SLA, serves local food in green space with hanging plants
Table Sage's conscious dining values (diversity)- Asian male chef of Amsterdam restaurant Rijk's prepares fine dining dish in Michelin star kitchen

In our process, we research and find restaurants that have a good reputation. Then we objectively assess them to create an holistic evaluation for each. Our platform highlights what eateries choose to do well in a positive way, raising awareness amongst diners and restaurants alike.

The goal is to lead eaters to more meaningful meals, and to inspire stakeholders to do their part for a better future through food. We call this Conscious Dining.