Dine well.Do good.

Finding the right restaurant is hard. We do the work so you can focus on what matters.

What people expect
from restaurants is evolving to include more than just great food

Table Sage five-values graphic of concentric circles showing the three levels of Conscious Dining values- from Cuisine in the center to Experience and Story in the second circle to Sustainability and Diversity in the outer most circle


Our team selects only the best restaurants and evaluates them on the five elements of conscious dining, plus other unique factors


You find recommended restaurants in our database that meet your needs, and reflect your values


We collectively support a healthier and more inclusive food system

Beautiful open space with high ceilings, and brick walls at the best Amsterdam restaurant- FENTO, Mexican food

A delicious meal is undeniably better when you add great atmosphere and a story. But why stop there?

Support restaurants that also benefit your community and the planet.

The restaurants you choose to support can shape the future.

Our vision is an industry that goes beyond just good food.

Together, we encourage restaurants to expand their measures of success by celebrating those that put an emphasis on sustainable practices and diversity of leadership.

We make it easy
for you to choose
meals that have a
positive impact


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