Bridge critical gaps

Unite stakeholders from across the industry to create the change we need.

Working Together for a Better Dining Industry

We look beyond the food on our plates to create a dining industry with purpose. Our five core values—Cuisine, Experience, Story, Sustainability, and Diversity—were carefully designed to build a meaningful and impactful dining industry for diners, industry workers, and the world. We want to see an industry that is not only assessed based on these values, but that actively strives to embody them.

“88% of consumers [want] brands to help them live more sustainably”

With 88% of consumers wanting brands to help them live more sustainably, Table Sage is working to leverage the $3.4 trillion global food service market to bring about the change we all want to see. That’s why we’re bridging the gap between stakeholders and empowering them to shape the industry’s future.

Supporting Stakeholders

Table Sage gives diners the power to dine according to their values, but it also gives eateries and other stakeholders the chance to learn from the decisions diners make and the values diners care about. By constructively sharing feedback with eateries, we want to inspire them to be the change their diners want to see. Our close relationships with the eateries we work with means we’re in a great position to connect them to the stakeholders that can best support their conscious intentions.

Empowering Diners

Diners have an incredible amount of power to change the dining industry. The key is accessing and channeling that power, for good. Table Sage is designed to give diners the knowledge and tools to make decisions that reflect their values, showing the dining industry what they care about and what they want to see changed. In addition to empowering diners to make choices that impact the dining industry for the better, Table Sage plans to incentivize and reward positive diner participation with donations to hunger projects.

Committing to Action and Thought Leadership

Stakeholders across the food industry, from producers to consumers, are asking the same questions: How do we reconcile the phenomena of widespread food waste with global starvation rates? How do we make the food production and consumption industries that are responsible for around 25% of the total emission of greenhouse gases sustainable? How do we give eateries the tools they need to do better? To keep us committed to the future and our roles in making it brighter, Table Sage is bringing stakeholders together to form a conscious dining coalition.

“How do we reconcile the phenomena of widespread food waste with global starvation rates?”

Starting in our home city of Amsterdam, we’re working to find and implement solutions to dining industry-related challenges. We call on all local stakeholders to come together and work towards a purpose-driven dining industry through collaboration and cooperation. Beginning with a unique survey designed to support business owners in their journey to sustainability, we are working to bridge the gap between stakeholders seeking to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on their sustainability practices. The results of this first local industry scan can be found here.