Behind the Values: Our Interview with LOT61

Team LOT61 fills us with energy as we discuss the coffee business' strong mission and big plans.

Contemporary café In Amsterdam, LOT61, makes great coffee in a cozy space. Interview by LOT61 for Table Sage

"LOT61 is a coffee roaster, but coffee has never been just that. It's a lifestyle, an attitude, a refuge, a comfort." | Photo courtesy of LOT61

People around the world are re-thinking what makes restaurants great.

In this interview series, Table Sage gets behind the scenes with local eateries that embody the best of Conscious Dining— a growing movement that values not only Cuisine but also the Experience, Story, Sustainability, and Diversity that goes into making meals meaningful.

Below, you'll learn more about LOT61, a friends-like-family sustainable coffee business with local roasting and global distribution— plus one flagship coffee bar in Amsterdam's Oud West.

Table Sage: We see that LOT61 has recently become a B Corporation— congratulations! What was your main motivation to become certified? Was it a difficult process to follow?

LOT61: Thank you! Our path to becoming B-certified was lengthy indeed. However, it's definitely worth it, as we have always been on a mission to become the most circular coffee brand in every aspect of our field. As you might know, a true circular economy is one where we regenerate nature and improve the quality of human lives as we conduct business. This means that we consume resources (energy, water, and materials) in a sustainable manner and dispose of them back to nature, such that they at least retain their value. So we partnered with our friends from Green Insights who helped us to calculate the impact of our coffee within each process— from field to filter. Afterwards, we defined metrics (KPIs) in a way that each issue could be measured, and then set certain targets, e.g. to become carbon neutral, use smart roasters, etc. For sure, it seems like a long journey now but small steps aren't good enough anymore. We need to take giant leaps, and we need to take them together. That is what we are in this for.

Table Sage: We love your new website and have learned much more about LOT61's story through it. Could you also go into greater detail about the company's founders and leadership?

LOT61: It all started in 2013 when two Aussies, Paul and Adam, came to Amsterdam and decided to open a roastery and specialty coffee bar in the very heart of the city. They are childhood friends who grew up in Sydney, later moved to Brooklyn, and finally settled in Amsterdam. So our tagline, "Born in Sydney, raised in Brooklyn, roasting in Amsterdam" is more than a slogan for us. It explains not only our journey but also that we are adventurers and seekers. LOT61 is a coffee roaster, but coffee has never been just that. It's a lifestyle, an attitude, a refuge, a comfort. Although we are based in Amsterdam, LOT61 indeed has an international spirit.

Experienced barista pours coffee in Amsterdam café, LOT61

"Born in Sydney, raised in Brooklyn, roasting in Amsterdam"— LOT61's tagline captures the essence of its founders and energy of its teammates | Photo courtesy of LOT61

Table Sage: How does LOT61 source its coffee beans? What are your thoughts on the future of the coffee industry?

LOT61: Throughout the years we have built close relationships with farmers as well as with traders. We follow the coffee, so whether something amazing comes our way or we search for it ourselves, we do our best to support the source. It's also very important for us at this point to work with poly farms instead of with mono-cultured farms, to eradicate soil depletion.

Table Sage: We've watched your list of partners in Amsterdam grow and grow in the past years. Do you plan to also expand to other cities/ countries in the future and if so, where?

LOT61: We have plenty of amazing customers in different parts of the world, as we love engaging with people who are just as passionate about their business as we are. From offices and hotels, to specialty coffee bars, to cafés and fine dining restaurants, there are so many partnership stories to share! We will definitely continue to do what we do best: roasting and brewing with a huge focus on sustainability as well as serving our community around the world.

LOT61 sells sustainable coffee from Amsterdam shop for local customers

"We follow the coffee, so whether something amazing comes our way or we search for it ourselves, we do our best to support the source." | Photo courtesy of LOT61

Table Sage: Are you working on any collaborations or new projects in particular that you'd like to share with our community? We know that in addition to adding new partners, you also often release new coffee and coffee-related products, etc!

LOT61: Our plan is to explore new origins, experimental lots, and new markets— and to keep on geeking out in our field, of course. This month, we've launched our new hero: Costa Rica Union de Cafetaleros. Roasted for filter, this sweet juice shines with notes of brown sugar, peach, and vanilla, and is definitely a must-try for all the coffee lovers. Another big launch should be going live right around the time this interview is published... It'll be an extremely rare nitro brew, so stay tuned!

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