Building sustainable systems

We're redefining what makes the best restaurants for a conscious dining industry.

Our Mission

In 2018, a series of disappointing experiences in highly rated eateries left us with the question that would set everything in motion: What’s behind the “best restaurant” ratings that millions read and trust every year?

It turned out that unlike the way we understand the world, the way we evaluate restaurants hasn’t changed much in the past few decades, or even the past century. We still focus on taste and presentation in our assessments, ignoring other key factors that contribute to our enjoyment of a meal. Perhaps more importantly, nearly all metrics leave out a view towards the future. No wonder these supposedly excellent restaurant ratings had left us feeling stale.

“Dine well, do good.”

Enter Table Sage, the first bigger-picture restaurant industry platform. We care about how good your food is, but we also care about the experience, story, sustainability, and diversity that’s behind it. By rethinking and redefining what makes a restaurant great, we seek to help eaters have better, more meaningful dining experiences. We also strive to make a positive impact by supporting restaurants and partnership projects that are good for both people and planet.

How? First, our selections of eateries are entirely independent, and contain only businesses that we’ve researched and would personally recommend. They range from fancy to casual, traditional to experimental, and plant-based to not. Within a transparent rating system, we evaluate each according to five values. This information is then made accessible through key services like our unique search tool, original content, and larger works.

In short, our platform helps diners to find restaurants that meet their needs, and reflect their values. The feedback that we collectively give inspires restaurants to do better than just be the best. The system then becomes more intentional, and more inclusive of relevant stakeholders. Dine well, do good.

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Our team

Table Sage is an Amsterdam-based start-up that launched through Impact Hub in 2019. Our work is founded on a firm belief in a better future, and in our ability to help form it. Meet the team of international collaborators that thrives on a passion for food, the environment, and creating community.

Table Sage Founder and CEO Serena Weaver

Serena Weaver


Half Italian and half American, Serena has 15+ years of experience in sustainable business development. Her specialization in community food systems began while getting a degree Urban & Environmental Planning. Later on, Serena picked up the pace while working for trailblazers like Tesla in Amsterdam, where she now lives with her family. An avid restaurant-goer, Serena is known for traveling near and far to try great places and share the news.

Table Sage Web Developer and Designer Gray Atkinson-Adams

Gray Atkinson-Adams

Web Development (and more)

Trained as a linguist, Gray left California to teach English in Russia for several years before returning home to learn a different language: JavaScript. Now based in the Amsterdam area, Gray loves taking photos, biking in the forest near her Dutch home, and baking for her family (and team!)

Table Sage Photographer Webster Mugavazi

Webster Mugavazi

Photography & Film

Born in Zimbabwe and schooled in England, Webster brings his training and deep visual perspective to Amsterdam and the Table Sage team. Additional interests: helping other entrepreneurs find structure and success. He’s always happy to add a good restaurant recommendation to his list!

Table Sage Press & Partnerships Intern Kaitlin Badger

Kaitlin Badger

Press & Partnerships

Currently living in Boulder, Colorado, Kaitlin studies business and excels at looking at tasks through multiple lenses. Extremely organized and on top of things, she brings a can-do attitude to carrying out team projects. Kaitlin is also a new convert to the local food movement.

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