Build sustainable systems

Redefine what makes the best restaurants for a conscious dining industry.

The Table Sage Mission

It started when a series of disappointing experiences in highly rated eateries left us with the question that would set everything in motion: What’s behind the “best restaurant” ratings that millions read and trust every year?

Unlike the way we understand the world, the way we evaluate our restaurants hasn’t changed much in the past few decades, or even the past century. We still focus on presentation, taste, and technical skill, forgetting diversity, environmentalism, and many of our other values.

“Together, we can inspire businesses to do better than just be the best.”

Enter Table Sage, the first holistic, bigger-picture restaurant industry platform. We integrate conscious practices into key services like mapping, rating, and meal subscriptions. We care about how good your food tastes, but we also care about the experience, story, sustainability, and diversity of your restaurants. Our platform supports conscious diners by allowing them to curate a dining experience that reflects their values. We’re here to help you make an impact on the restaurant business by participating in programs to feed those in need and by inspiring restaurant owners, chefs, staff, and suppliers to do better than just be the best.

Our selections contain only restaurants that we would personally recommend, ranging from fancy to casual, with an accessible and transparent rating system. Define what makes a great restaurant for yourself, and explore new spots and old favorites from a conscious perspective.

About Table Sage

Table Sage is an Amsterdam-based start-up that launched through the Impact Hub accelerator program in 2019. Our growing team is made up of international collaborators who thrive on a passion for food, community, and the environment. Founder Serena Weaver has over a decade of experience in sustainable business development with start-ups, nonprofits, consultancies, and trailblazers including Tesla and ARAMARK. Table Sage was founded on a firm belief in a better future, and in our collective ability to forge it.

Pictured from left to right: Serena Weaver (Founder), Cathy Sorbara (Partnerships), Kirsten Camara (Graphic Design), Gray Atkinson-Adams (Web Development). [Principal website photography by Webster Mugavazi and Jaimee Lowe]